Sunday, October 19, 2008

ZenZuu's First Payday!

Hello Everybody,

This is an excitiing time in ZenZuu, our first payday was on October 15, 2008! This is the first of many advertising dollars that members will receive each and every month for the rest of their lives. That's right, 80% of the advertising revenue that ZenZuu takes in will be shared from now on with the free active membership.

Now I want to make clear what a free active member is, and also what a free active member has to do to get paid. First and foremost a free active member is an individual, a business, non-profit organization, a church or any faith based organization. That's right, ZenZuu is out to help individuals and any organization to become financially secure. That is huge, especially with the economic climate that the entire world is in right now.

To become an active member that individual or entity will have to log in and out 30 times each and every month. After 30 log ins a white clock that tracks log ins will turn green. When the clock turns green a rectangular box will appear and will display all of the income streams that are available for members. To get paid you have to agree to terms and check the boxes in front of the income streams that you want to receive. That's it, plain and simple. 

In the meantime to achieve as much financial freedom as you want, just build your team. Tell everybody about this amazing opportunity, run ads, tell your Facebook or MySpace friends that aren't getting paid about ZenZuu!

Right now the income streams that are available are:
1) ZZRep (the free 80% ad revenue share pie) 

2) ZZParners (the selling of ads to local businesses that you receive direct commissions on) 

3) MYATM (the selling of international ads to businesses). 

All of these income streams are 100% free, and stay true to the membership base and all income is shared! Look out other  social networks, here comes ZenZuu!

Definitely stay tuned! Alot more to come later!

I almost forgot, if you are a salesman or know of a salesman, let them know and sign them up and watch your team and income grow. 

The Greatest Redistribution of Wealth on the Planet!