Friday, October 3, 2008

ZenZuu is Helping Kids Pay For School!

How can ZenZuu help kids pay for school? With ZenZuu's unselfish and very generous advertising revenue share plan, any one from 14 years old to 114 years old can join. Kids 14 to 17 will have to have a parent or guardian set up a custodial account and will have to supervise and distribute the funds to minors as they see fit.

Kids in the mean time can build huge downlines of friends and family, and when the time they turn 18 and are ready to go to college, their account and ZenZuu debit card come into action! Just think of all the time kids spend on social networks and don't get paid for it. With ZenZuu they can actually build a business and grow their team and will be able to pay for a whole semester, or a whole year of college tuition in advance. 

No more student loans that take years to pay back after college. No more sweating over the living cost and cost of textbooks, roman noodles anyone? Just pull out your ZenZuu debit card and pay cash! Then treat your friends to lunch.