Thursday, October 16, 2008

Economic Woes

With economic woes growing everyday, people are looking for ways to get ahead, stay afloat, or just get back on the boat. Just like me you are probably searching for new ideas and solutions. Well I found a relatively new idea with a twist.

I want to talk about a next generation social network that is out to change peoples lives financially and socially. ZenZuu allows you to make money by sharing 80% of the advertising revenue it brings in with free members. What better way to get back some of those corporate dollars!

This online community is all about economic empowerment by creating multiple income streams for it's members all under one roof, and all for free. The main stream of income is an 80% advertising revenue share program with members. 

Members can be an individual, faith group, or a non-profit organization. Changing the world locally, one step at a time. This is already causing the big players on the block to take notice. Imagine a social network that not only shares, but gives you the opportunity to actually meet face to face with it's worldwide conferences. 

ZenZuu is the wave of the future, and it's taking over. Like the founder Tommy Vu says, "If it's not free, it's not ZenZuu!". Pulling together for success, that's what it's all about!