Friday, October 3, 2008

What is ZenZuu?

What is ZenZuu? Well, ZenZuu is the new kid on the block, the new social network in town. You might say what is so special about ZenZuu? I'm glad you asked because you are in for a treat so hold on! ZenZuu is a social network that shares 80% of it's advertising revenue with it's free active members. That's right, a whopping 80%!

What is an active member? An active member is a member that logs in 30 times in a calendar month, and checks a rectangular box that pops up after the log ins and asks if you want to be paid. That it, real simple but so powerful. A clock is displayed showing how many times you have logged in to keep track and turns green when 30 log ins are completed.

ZenZuu was founded in February 2008 by Tommy Vu, and came out of beta on August 8, 2008. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, ZenZuu was unleashed on the world ironically on the same day as the Olympics. The Vision of ZenZuu's founder Tommy Vu is to redistribute wealth around the world through ZenZuu, by the simple concept of people helping people. What an idea? One that I think we can all agree is desperately needed today. Go ZenZuu!


Team Zen zuu said...

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