Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Special Zenzuu Global Information Call

On Sunday Feb 1st and February 8th at 6:00PM Pacific time Founder Tommy Vu introduces the next revolution that will send membership growth into orbit

"NET INCOME REVENUE SHARE" with future ZenZuu E-Commerce affiliates
E-Commerce is approaching a trillion dollar market. Get on the call so you can:
a- Learn how to make money by introducing E-commerce Partners in any industry to ZenZuu
b- Learn how to qualify for Leadership Bonus from the ZenZuu E-Commerce Partners Program
You have a short time to qualify for this Bonus, don't miss this important call

DIAL: 646-519-5860 THEN PIN NUMBER 3214# TO LISTEN.
Once you are in the conference, we would appreciate you press *6 to mute your phone. To UnMute, press *6 , Then you can ask a question. Be on time, each call will last 30 minutes. See you on the calls!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taking Back Some Of Those Corporate Dollars

With the financial crisis growing everyday, people are looking for ways to get ahead, stay afloat, or just get back on the boat. Just like me you are probably searching for new ideas and solutions. Well I found a relatively new idea with a twist.

I want to talk about a next generation social network that is out to change peoples lives financially and socially. ZenZuu allows you to make money by sharing 80% of the advertising revenue it brings in with free members. What better way to get back some of those corporate dollars!

This online community is all about economic empowerment by creating multiple income streams for it's members all under one roof, and all for free. The main stream of income is an 80% advertising revenue share plan for it's members. 

Members can be an individual, faith group, or a non-profit organization. Changing the world locally one step at a time. This is already causing the big players on the block to take notice. Imagine a social network that not only shares, but gives you the opportunity to actually meet face to face with it's worldwide conferences. 

ZenZuu is the wave of the future, and it's taking over. Like the founder Tommy Vu says, "If it's not free, it's not ZenZuu!". Pulling together for success, that's what it's all about!

So You've Done 30 Log Ins, Now What?

I have noticed that a lot of people are confused about exactly how to make money with ZenZuu and what to do to be qualified. There are some informational calls held everyday where members or prospective members can listen in on questions being asked and ask questions themselves. 
Here are the times: 

Mon-Sat: 8 am Pacific, 10 am Pacific, 12 noon Pacific, 2 pm Pacific, 4 pm Pacific, 6 pm Pacific, 8 pm Pacific

Dial: 1-646-519-5860 
Access code: 3214#

1) After you log in 30 times in a month, the white clock counter will turn green.

2) A banner with a hyper link will appear asking you if you to click here to become an active ZZRep, GREENPAGERep, and a MYATMRep. The programmers are working to make this more user friendly at the time of this post.

3) After you click on the banner hyperlink, terms and conditions will appear, read them if you want. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will see check boxes for the ZZRep, GREENPAGRep, and a MYATMRep. Go ahead and check these boxes. You are now an active Rep, Congratulations!

4) Continue to share this amazing opportunity with people, build your team and watch your team and income grow everyday. It's like having your own social network!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is ZenZuu Willable?

I want to talk about tranferable wealth. There is not a lot of things of value that average people can transfer or will to their loved ones. If you work at a job or career for 20 or 30 years of your life, which is harder and harder to do with each passing year, you might be lucky enough to end up with a pension. But is that pension enough for you to live on? Or better yet can you will your loved ones that pension so that when your gone, they can enjoy the fruits of your labor? We all know the answer to that.

What about a business? You can will a business and pass it on, but what about growth? Will that business continue to grow after you're gone? Will the business continue to grow and grow without you or your loved ones doing anything else? Will your loved ones be as business savvy as you were in building and maintaining their inherintance?   It could happen or it might not.

Enter ZenZuu and social networking as a free business. What other business or entity that we know of in existence that grows faster than a social network? You may know of something else, but personally I do not. I also don't know of to many social networks that are sharing 80% of the advertising revenue with it's free active members or having members step up to do informative calls and help other members without direct pay from the social network like the ZenZuu membership. 

Global conferences held several times a year that are free to attend so that you actually get to meet other members face to face, is another mildstone in social networking. After all is said and done,  you have shared the ZenZuu experience for free with others, and have meet people from around the world personally from your extended ZenZuu family, you get to will it all! Your personally sponsored members have told people they know and so on and so on until their are thousands of people in your ZenZuu organization. This is something that just grows and grows long after you stop. The fruits of your labor can be enjoyed by generations.

Friday, October 24, 2008

ZenZuu's Exciting Chicago Conference

Zenzuu is having a conference in Chicago, November 1, 2008 at the Chicago Marriott Suites O'hare Airport. If you want to attend be sure to register early but if you can make it please don't miss it. It is free to attend.

Great news for all active ZenZuu members who did their 30 log-ins this month. ZenZuu is going to run the 1st commission run on November 15, 2008. In order to participate in this first commission run, log-in and out of your ZenZuu website 30 times, click on the agreement to be a ZZRep. By logging in and clicking on the agreement in October, you will be active ZZRep in November and eligible to share in the 1st official ad revenue share.

If you can't attend the Chicago Conference on November 1, there will be a special ZenZuu Chicago Conference Call, live from Chicago with leaders of ZenZuu at 4:00pm Pacific time on Saturday, Nov. 1st. Get informed about your potentially incredible future with ZenZuu!

Remember that a member is any individual, church, charity, or business that can share in the global advertising revenue. 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

ZenZuu's First Payday!

Hello Everybody,

This is an excitiing time in ZenZuu, our first payday was on October 15, 2008! This is the first of many advertising dollars that members will receive each and every month for the rest of their lives. That's right, 80% of the advertising revenue that ZenZuu takes in will be shared from now on with the free active membership.

Now I want to make clear what a free active member is, and also what a free active member has to do to get paid. First and foremost a free active member is an individual, a business, non-profit organization, a church or any faith based organization. That's right, ZenZuu is out to help individuals and any organization to become financially secure. That is huge, especially with the economic climate that the entire world is in right now.

To become an active member that individual or entity will have to log in and out 30 times each and every month. After 30 log ins a white clock that tracks log ins will turn green. When the clock turns green a rectangular box will appear and will display all of the income streams that are available for members. To get paid you have to agree to terms and check the boxes in front of the income streams that you want to receive. That's it, plain and simple. 

In the meantime to achieve as much financial freedom as you want, just build your team. Tell everybody about this amazing opportunity, run ads, tell your Facebook or MySpace friends that aren't getting paid about ZenZuu!

Right now the income streams that are available are:
1) ZZRep (the free 80% ad revenue share pie) 

2) ZZParners (the selling of ads to local businesses that you receive direct commissions on) 

3) MYATM (the selling of international ads to businesses). 

All of these income streams are 100% free, and stay true to the membership base and all income is shared! Look out other  social networks, here comes ZenZuu!

Definitely stay tuned! Alot more to come later!

I almost forgot, if you are a salesman or know of a salesman, let them know and sign them up and watch your team and income grow. 

The Greatest Redistribution of Wealth on the Planet! 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Discount V.I.P Travel Club

All free members of Zenzuu can also become members of Discount V.I.P Travel Club, also for free. Discount V.I.P Travel Club will meet or beat any of your travel expenses guaranteed! This is a huge benefit and can be used to go to The Regal Sun Resort in Orlando, Fl in September. More exciting news to come later!